Bank of Canada Holds it's Overnight Rate at 5%

Bank of Canada Holds it's Overnight Rate at 5%

Higher interest rates are working to ease price pressures in Canada and inflation is coming down, though progress to the 2% target is slow. The Bank projects that inflation will stay around 3½% until the middle of 2024, returning to target in 2025.

Source. Bank of Canada, Monetary Policy Report. October 2023

Are you waiting for interest rates to come down before making a purchase? This might not be a wise move. The Toronto real estate market is very competitive and there are many potential buyers with the same idea. When rates start dropping, you can bet that the market will change fast and we could be right back where we've been in the past with bidding wars causing home values to skyrocket. Talk to a mortgage specialist and determine what monthly payments you can afford and go with a term that will allow you to take advantage of future rate drops. You'll be paying higher carrying costs out of the gate, but you'll likely save on the purchase price and land transfer taxes. If prices do appreciate quickly once rates start dropping, you'll already be building equity. 


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