Tips to get your home ready for winter!

Tips to get your home ready for winter!
1. Check Your Roof
Now is the time to complete any repairs that may be needed. Repairing a roof when it's covered in snow and the wind is howling can be a costly nightmare.
2.  Clear your Eaves of Leaves and Debris
If leaves are left in the eaves they can freeze, becoming heavy and may cause unnecessary wear and damage.
3.  Check Your Attics Ventalation
To avoid mold, rot and clumping insulation, clear any debris that has gotten stuck in the ridge vents on your roof.
4.  Service your Furnace, Chimney/Wood Stove
If leaving your home unattended for extended periods, don't forget to shut off the water to the house and drain the pipes.  This will porevent pipes from freezing and a potential flood.
5.  Stock up on Salt and Make sure your Shovels and Snow Blower is in Good Working Order
Remember, as a homeowner you are responsible for clearing snow from your driveway, walkway and sidewalks.
6.  Turn Off Water to any Outdoor Faucet
7.  Check your CO and Smoke Detectors
This should be done every few months.


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