June 2024 Market Recap: Real Estate Sales in the GTA

June 2024 Market Recap: Real Estate Sales in the GTA

The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) real estate market showed interesting dynamics in June 2024. While there were shifts in sales numbers and pricing trends, the market remained relatively balanced. Here’s a detailed look at the market activity and what it means for buyers and sellers.

Market Summary

  • Number of Sales:

    • Down 16.4% year-over-year

    • Down 11.41% month-over-month

  • Price Trend:

    • Average price down 1.6% year-over-year

    • Average price down 0.3% month-over-month

  • New Listings:

    • Up 12.3% compared to June 2023

    • Down 3.5% from May 2024

  • Active Listings:

    • Up 67.4% from June 2023

    • Up 8.5% compared to May 2024

  • Market Status:

    • Sales to new listings ratio at 35% (compared to 36% in June 2023)

    • Approximately 4 months of inventory, indicating a balanced market

  • Time on Market:

    • Listings remained on the market for an average of 20 days, up 1 day from May 2024

Despite an increase in inventory, the average price held relatively steady, showing resilience in the market and sellers not willing to sell below market value.

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Impact of Interest Rates

In June, the Bank of Canada dropped its policy rate by 0.25%. While this move was expected to boost sales, the anticipated surge in buyer activity did not materialize. Many buyers chose to remain on the sidelines, as the adjustments in rates and prices were not sufficient to spur significant purchasing activity. The next rate announcement is expected on July 24th, which could further influence market conditions.

What This Means for Buyers and Sellers

For Buyers

  • Increased Choice: With a rise in new and active listings, buyers have more options to choose from.

  • Less Competition: The decrease in sales means fewer bidding wars, although prime properties still attract multiple offers.

  • Opportunity in Luxury Market: The more expensive luxury market is starting to slow down and many markets are seeing homes sell below asking price. This is an opportunity for buyers who find themselves in a good position to buy. 

For Sellers

  • Selective Buyers: With more inventory available, buyers are becoming more selective and less aggressive.

  • Strategic Pricing: Properly pricing your home is crucial. It needs to be attractive enough to draw in buyers while still meeting your financial expectations.

  • Entry Level Homes Remain in High Demand: Homes under $1million continue to generate considerable attention from buyers. Particularly entry level townhomes and detached homes that are well prepared.


June 2024 has been a month of balance and cautious optimism in the GTA real estate market. The modest changes in prices and sales, combined with increased inventory, provide a stable environment for both buyers and sellers. The summer is typically a slower time for sales as buyers direct their attention to summer holidays but good homes are still selling fast. As always we keep an eye on the market and wait to see how interest rates and rising inventory levels affect sales into the summer.

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