The last hurrah! Your end of summer Labour Day bash

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Celebrate your summer! Whether you’re throwing a raging party or a small gathering, you want your guests to have a good time. Try out these festive ideas to ring in Labour Day weekend, from party ideas to décor, entertainment and food!

Different ways to celebrate together

Labour Day is all about getting together to celebrate the end of summer with family and friends. You can hold a traditional barbecue or pool party, or put a new spin on it. Try a barbecue and outdoor movie party, a group hike and picnic, or celebrate at your local community outdoor pool.

Easy themes for the end of summer bring a little sparkle to your party. Why not decorate for a Mexican fiesta, a summer beach party, or even an all-white summer tea? Better yet, hold a pot luck block party for everyone to enjoy together and meet the neighbors.

Décor and lighting for your bash

A big favorite for summer parties are tiki torches, patio lights, and lots of citronella candles to keep away the bugs. It’s almost fall, so don’t be shy of warm colours for your table cloth, napkins, and flowers.

Keep your table festive – store your drinks in a big plant pot filled with ice and fresh flowers. For a mess-free centerpiece, use filled frozen water balloons in a glass bowl to keep drinks cool. Keeping it easy? Grab some empty pop bottles and fill them with flowers, or have bowls of fresh fruit and vegetables on display.

Make your guests comfortable!

The best parties are set up to feel comfortable while socializing. Keep comfortable chairs around your fire pit and set-up in small groups on your lawn around small tables. This provides plenty of places to set down food and drink while eating. Don’t forget the pillows and blankets for a chilly evening.

Keep your guests laughing and playing

Who doesn’t love some entertainment? Get everyone moving and socializing together. Set up any of these for some fun:

  • bocce game
  • horseshoes
  • croquet
  • badminton
  • potato sack races
  • water balloons and squirt guns
  • hoola hoops, soccer balls, jump rope, and frisbees

Most importantly – the party food!

If you’re hosting a barbecue, grill-friendly food is where it’s at. Think beyond hotdogs and hamburgers, and get out some lobster, steak, or ribs. Dress up regular burger patties and stuff them with cheese or guacamole. Corn, fresh vegetables, and even peaches and pineapples are great for grilling.

Cut down on mess and put together veggie and meat kebabs for an all-in-one meal. Don’t forget the classic sides like hummus, guacamole, vegetable salads and pasta salads.

Dessert is also half the fun in summer! Put together a do-it-yourself sundae station or make the most of seasonal fruit with pies or cobblers.

Party safety

Providing a safe party is the responsibility of the host. You have the right to tell your guests the acceptable standard of behavior. And you can decide to refuse entry to your party, or ask people to leave if things are getting out of hand. Stay safe, and make some great summertime memories!

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