Why you should start using this all natural weed killer right now

Why you should start using this all natural weed killer right now

Since commercial grade weed killers are not longer available (a good thing for the environment) dandilions have riddled our lawns and not much seems to get rid of them.

A couple years back I stumbled upon a really amazing solution that is totally natural and extremely effective. Corn Gluten.

So what makes it so effective. Its proponents claim that it prevents weed seed from germinating, and if seeds don’t germinate you have a weed free lawn. The reality is Corn gluten inhibits the formation of roots and thats what makes it effective at reducing weeds in your lawn. 

Corn Gluten is not a miracle but it is effective when used frequently over a period of time and timed properly. Because Corn Gluten can suppress the growth of any seedling including grass seed for 4-6 weeks after application you don't want to seed your lawn during that time. 

Corn Gluten is best applied just before rain or when it can be watered into the soil and it's most effective if a dry period follows to further starve roots of pesky weeds.

I have found it to be extremely effective after using it for a couple years in reducing dandilions in my yard. My father-in-laws lawn is pristine after a few years. Mine will take longer but prior to corn gluten I'd been in an annual losing battle of weeding and spraying my lawn for years. With Corn Gluten I've seen a huge improvement.

So where can you get the stuff?

My go to spot is Welcome Feeds in Bowmanville. It's that blue building right on Highway 2 just east of Holt Road. You can visit them on Facebook at Right now they are offering contactless curbside pick-up.


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